Why Making Print A Bit Bigger Can Make Me A Lot Happier

Today found me in a thoughtful mood – indirectly caused by hunger.

I was in my favourite part of Leicester city centre, after a trip to my opticians to get my glasses professionally cleaned, when I started to feel hungry. As I was heading for St Martin’s Square, I noticed a new place had opened selling slices of pizza (even better – they had a lunchtime offer on). So I went in.

I was impressed with the layout of the place. However, I wasn’t very impressed with the size of the print on the menu (it was borderline readable for me). I was even less happy when the lady who served me pointed to the alternative. This was a menu which had been painted on a board and stuck to a wall. It would have been easier for me to read if the lighting underneath it had been arranged slightly differently.

I know I can sound like a broken record when it comes to the size of print but it is one of the first things I notice. In fact, it can make the difference between me entering (and remaining in) your establishment and me departing never to be seen again.

As a rule, I try to use Comic Sans when I type anything. This is because it is the easiest font for me to read (even at 12 point). It might not be considered to be very appropriate for business communication but – if you ask me – anything I cannot read can hardly be considered as appropriate for business communication (the clue is in the word communication).

Another thing which puzzles me is the wide range of font sizes in books. It would appear that the more “cerebral” the subject the more useful I would find the use of a microscope to actually read the book.

It is good job I managed to train myself at school to read print up to two font sizes smaller than I am comfortable with – otherwise my reading material would be seriously limited. (It is not only the elderly who make use of larger print reading material at times so why isn’t “larger print” used as standard?)

I am a member of the public who has a sight problem – my brain is in full working order (in fact, it can – and sometimes does – operate in two languages at once). This means that if you supply me with information in a slightly larger font than you might otherwise do it will get read and acted on. You never know – it might be the difference between you receiving my custom in future and me never darkening your door again.

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