The Difference Between Teaching And Educating

There are two professions which make me feel nervous – the Medical profession and Teaching.

I know several brilliant Educators – only one of whom can honestly say they are a qualified, experienced, teacher (I know this because the person concerned has a Degree in Education – and I was in their class when I met them – with them as my Teacher).

You might be wondering what the difference is between a Teacher and an Educator?

Apart from the fact that a Teacher’s natural habitat is a school or other establishment where students are to be found, and I was taught to “respect” teachers even if I hated them, the main difference is that teachers (try to) teach but Educators help you learn.

I was actually paid a very unexpected compliment today by one of my favourite Educators. Now – as far as I know he has never qualified as a teacher – but he does know a lot about his chosen subject of Mental Health (mostly from personal experience of it). The compliment was that I had taught him a lot. I found this very difficult to believe – until he explained that he had learned a lot about sight problems through reading my personal blog.

I will never qualify as a Teacher but – being made to feel that I can even teach Teachers about things that affect me is the best feeling in the world.

The saying that “Every day is a school day” is definitely true – even when you have left formal education there are still things you can learn from others.

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