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Have Television and Film Reduced Our Respect for Law and order?

I pose this question because people tell me that what is reported in newspapers and shown in television drama public respect for the law and police officers has declined. Well has it? First let’s agree that laws are simply rules set … Continue reading

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Taser’s Free Body Cameras Are Good for Cops, Not the People

An interesting re-blogged article from Wired this morning, written and argued by Jake Laperrurque that I think shows an interesting view of the world from a US perspective on privacy and law enforcement. What do you think? THE COMPANY FORMERLY known as … Continue reading

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The journey to Mental Illness

Reblogged with thanks to Leasa and discover more at I dreamt about writing this piece all night and in my dreams it was just right and I got my point across perfectly, so here’s hoping the conscious self is as … Continue reading

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This is a guest post by Em, or @DrEm_79 from Twitter – our various discussions on there made me realise she has a lot to say that is important and relevant for police officers responding to mental health crisis incidents. … Continue reading

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The cost of sporting events

Below is given the link to BBC Radio 4’s today programme where it is argued that football clubs should pay the cost of policing not just at the ground but for the full range of assistance officers have to provide … Continue reading

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